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Just A Clean House, Inc.  is a non-profit organization that provides a strong living foundation, enabling the recovering community the best chance to remain clean and sober. The network that we provide, as well as, the foundation for which our houses are built, is what makes Just A Clean House -- Home.  At JACH we pair you with other members of our house who are doing the same thing that you are:


Trying to remain clean and sober one day at a time.  



To give recovering alcoholics and addicts a clean, safe place to recover. 


To help people in their recovery build a network and foundation while practicing a 12-step program.


To help people get connected with other people who are doing the same thing that they are:   


trying to stay clean and sober one day at a time.


To help alcoholics and other addicts continue in their recovery process through a safe and supportive family-like recovery home.  


To strengthen our families and communities by supporting people as they become productive members of society.


One way to increase the unity in the house is believing that a loving Higher Power is available and can best be accessed by developing a "house conscience".  The Fifth Tradition contains important principles that can be translated from the group to the house.  While each group has but one primary purpose, to carry the message, each house has but one primary purpose: to provide a clean, safe and supportive living environment for the person in recovery.


In order to be considered for housing at Just A Clean House, you must be able to live independently and meet the following admission criteria:


* Male


* 7 Days Clean and Sober


* 2 Forms of Valid ID


* Verifiable Income

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